Bangkok ladyboy massage and ladyboy escort service

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Getting a Thai ladyboy massage experience for yourself

When it comes to getting a Thai ladyboy massage, there are very few things in life which can compare to it. There are many people who visit Thailand just to get a taste of what this experience feels like. After all, there are thousands of people online sharing their own experience and just how good it was. So it is understandable that people want to experience something like this for themselves.

What is it?

A Thai ladyboy massageis basically a massage therapy session conducted by a transsexual escort. Obviously, it is needless to say that these massage sessions are not the same as the ones you will receive in a parlour. These massages will be far more intimate than you can imagine and will serve to turn you on before the actual action begins.

People love it as a starter up to the actual sex or as something to do before a hot shower. As such, you can understand why this is so high in demand. Also, the escorts involved are top notch and know exactly how to make you feel good. This makes sure that your time spent during this massage session is time well spent from start to finish.


Now, there are two basic types of a Thai ladyboy massage. They are explained as follows:

  • Non-Happy Endings:

These are the kinds of massages that won't have you ejaculate at the end of the massage session. Now you may be wondering what the point of such a massage session is. However, there are many customers who find more stimulation when limited only to body contact and other similar activities without directly sexual interaction.

  • Happy Endings:

As you can probably guess by now, this type of massage refers to the ones where you will be allowed to ejaculate yourself. Needless to say, most customers prefer the happy ending massages. After all the teasing and playing around, it is almost impossible for someone to control their hormones. As such, you will be relieved of this urge at the end of a happy ending massage Bangkok.

To Conclude

So when it comes to a Thai ladyboy massage, that pretty much covers up everything you will need to know. If you too are interested in experiencing this for yourself, make sure you keep the above things in mind. After all, there are millions of people visiting Thailand each year for the sole purpose of having an escort experience.
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